Hola! Me llamo Bella.

I am a student at Niagara University, but this semester I am going out of country to study abroad in Spain. The university I will be attending is Universitat Pompeu Fabra. I am a Communications and Spanish double major with a philosophy minor, my intended graduation year is 2021. Some of my hobbies include going... Continue Reading →

London: day 6

This was the free day we had while we were there, it was difficult to try to find some stuff to do, so while we were in Leicester Square on day five we looked up things we could do. There's an older film theater in the area that was showing Dune or Back to the Future... Continue Reading →

London: day 5

The group went to the Tower of London, which is a castle, fortress, royal palace and later a prison all in its very long history. We got to see the crown jewels of the royal family and the past royal jewels from other monarchs throughout time. Some of the crowns were huge and weighed more... Continue Reading →

London: day 4

We took the Aldgate station to SoHo again to get to where the British Board of Film Classification is located for the presentation. The presenter used video clips of film we would have seen and used them as clear examples to show the reasoning behind the ratings they were given. I'm excited to further explore... Continue Reading →

London: day 3

We met downstairs at 10:30, but something drastic had happened just before we were to leave. A students phone had been hustled right out from under her nose in the hotel lobby. More of these similar events happened throughout the day to others in our group as well. We walked to the Aldgate station and... Continue Reading →

London: day 2

We did a walking tour today of Westminster Abbey and St Paul's Cathedral. Starting the day at 8 to get ready, eat breakfast and grab on the tube by 9. We got onto the district line and got off at St James's Park. Westminster Abbey used to to be a monastery of Benediction faith but... Continue Reading →

London: day 1

Sam, Taylor and I went to the Petticoat Street Market that's right around the corner from the Ibis Hotel we're staying at. There wasn't a huge selection of things but many types of clothing and fabrics were available. Next we went to the Spittlefield market to walk around. It's a big, covered market with lots... Continue Reading →

Endorse local businesses

When travelling to another country, it's often presumed that tourists want to look for big businesses that they recognize. This is a problem. Big businesses often take the money that local businesses need to stay in business. With endorsing local businesses, tourists often get a personal touch of the area. If the employee and tourists... Continue Reading →

Environmental portraits and their necessity

The first time any viewer sees an environmental photograph, their breath is caught in their chest. Often depicting the living or working conditions or those with amazing skills, National Geographic Magazine and their photographers are known for doing this kind of work. The reason why these photos exist are because of the conditions of living.... Continue Reading →

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