Catch up time again!

Left to right: host mom, host uncle and dad.

October 19-20: Planoles was the town we went to in the Pyrenees. It was beautiful and reminded me so much of home. The fresh air really helped my cough and it smelled like I was in Ellicottville.

October 22: After class, I went to a nearby restaurant and ate alone while doing my homework. Went to a private movie showing of a new independent short film. I’m not at liberty to describe any of it because the director will be screening it in upcoming film festivals.

October 23: Went exploring around Diagonal and to my doctor appointment for my cough. I’m exploring more and more everyday, which means that my anxiety levels are lowering and I’m becoming more comfortable with the city.

Catedral de Palma de Mallorca.

October 25: Flew into Mallorca in the morning, then drove to the villa with everyone. The rehearsal dinner was later on at the villa as well.

October 26: The day was spent relaxing while everyone took wedding photos and prepared for the ceremony. The wedding itself was beautiful and  was so glad to be around family for the weekend.

October 27: I explored Palma de Mallorca, the main city on the island, with Katey, her older brother and her father. Then, I went to the airport to go back to Barcelona.

Left: wownut, right: cinnamon roll

October 29: There was a protest on campus and my class was canceled. The students barricaded all the doors and gates to the university and slept on the inside. When my class canceled, I went to Green and Berry and enjoyed some vegan treats and a chai latte with oat milk. Did some shopping to get some sweaters in the Diagonal area, there are a lot of modern shops so they’re a little pricey. You have to walk around and find the local ones and really dig deep through the racks to get some good finds. Then after coming home and doing some homework – I went to an escape room with my program! It was super fun, we did a prison themed one; they put hoods over our heads and handcuffed us and then we had to solve puzzles to get out. Both teams escaped with one minute remaining.

I will be going on a four day trip to the Basque Country to view certain areas the directors chose to film Game of Thrones from 10/31 – 11/3.

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