Semana dos en Barcelona

Last weekend, we started Saturday with going to Montserrat for the day. It’s a monastery in the mountains, about an hour away from Barcelona. It was amazing to feel the clean air away from the city. The train was long and there is a lot of walking, but once you get to the view point, it’s totally worth it.

Bella and Kara

You see the small town below and all of the rolling hills surrounding the mountain. There’s local produce sold to tourists by inhabitants of the town, usually goat cheese, honey and honey produced by fruits or flowers. A typical dessert there is goat cheese drizzled by honey. At the end of the walkway and across the way from the monastery was a huge cross.


Bella, Hailey, Sarah

On Sunday, we went to Park Guell and did a tour. The park was originally for rich homeowners, but turned into a public park when the project failed. The architecture was designed by Gaudi and funded by Guell. The reason for the project failure is that no other homeowners besides Guell, Gaudi and the lawyer of Guell bought houses. The outside of the park is free to all – but in order to see the real masterpieces, you need tickets.

We then went to Casa Batalló – the house designed by Gaudí. Everything inside and out was inspired by marine life of the Mediterranean. From the balconies outside to the grates and vents on the inside. There are swirling masterpieces in the ceiling and amazing tile work up the walls on the inside. 

A couple of days later, I went to the climbing gym to work out. I ended up climbing, then running a mile for the first time since high school and did some yoga. I’m walking 7,000 – 14,000 steps a day depending on what I’m doing that day. Part of walking that much keeps the body in shape, along with making sure I eat enough everyday.


Other than that, I’ve been going to class and doing homework. This weekend, the girls in my program and I went to the movies on Saturday to watch Good Boys and hung out for a little. Then Sunday I went to a garage sale type market and then to the Sagrada Familia – also designed by Gaudi. All of Gaudi’s work is inspired by nature. Each different, yet the same thematic artistry. The cathedral is still being built, and this was my first time on the inside. My jaw dropped when I walked in. It’s even more amazing than you could ever dream. Pictures won’t do it any justice whatsoever. (I will post them on my photo diary!) The experience is entirely magical and something that could never be recreated. It’s as if you’re walking through an ancient forest, you can feel the passion that was put into the structures.






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