Figueres y Cadaques

We went to the town of Figueres by train, it's located North of Barcelona - almost all the way to France. When we got there we checked into the hotel to drop off our bags, freshen up and head to the Dali museum. The museum was very interesting, it was designed by the artist himself... Continue Reading →

Pais Vasco and Game of Thrones

My last blog post was the 29 of October and I am so sorry I haven't been keeping things consistent, but I've been so busy. Pais Vasco is, and as it is in English: Basque Country; located in northern Spain near France.  On Halloween, we left for the trip to the Basque Country on a... Continue Reading →

United Nations – peace and security

A brief paper for my UN class. It is a crucial aspect within the field of communications to take a step back and remember whose story is being foretold. From director to journalist, people are being depicted during wartime tragedies in ways that creates bias. Typically depicting those less fortunate in their accustomed lifestyle so... Continue Reading →


Catch up time again! October 19-20: Planoles was the town we went to in the Pyrenees. It was beautiful and reminded me so much of home. The fresh air really helped my cough and it smelled like I was in Ellicottville. October 22: After class, I went to a nearby restaurant and ate alone while... Continue Reading →

Semana dos en Barcelona

Last weekend, we started Saturday with going to Montserrat for the day. It's a monastery in the mountains, about an hour away from Barcelona. It was amazing to feel the clean air away from the city. The train was long and there is a lot of walking, but once you get to the view point,... Continue Reading →

London: day 7 and 8

Tower bridge w glass floor, was super cool but pretty scary... Taylor and I then went to the engine room beneath the tower bridge to see how they raise it or something along those lines. I just remember walking a ton this day as well. Walked to Leadenhall market - it was in the Harry... Continue Reading →

Primer semana en Barcelona

This first week has moved by quickly and I have learned a lot of new things. The metro and figuring out which stops go where has gotten much easier (I just learned there is an app to look up the stops!) and navigating the city is hard without Google Maps in front of you. To... Continue Reading →

Día de viajes

Traveling is tough, especially by yourself. The constant vigilance to look out for yourself and your belongings. It's exhausting. I have arrived and unpacked at the host family's apartment. The feeling of being totally independent has sunk in. I will be responsible for myself and whatever happens next. The host brother will be taking me... Continue Reading →

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